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New features for CARGOS dual-purpose and forage transport wagons

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New features for CARGOS dual-purpose and forage transport wagons

With new equipment options introduced for the 2021 season, CLAAS is significantly extending the versatility, productivity and user comfort of its dual-purpose and forage transport wagons.

All new CARGOS models with the BUSINESS equipment configuration can now be fitted with the ISOBUS-compatible CEMIS 700 universal terminal. This replaces the COMMUNICATOR II control terminal. A 7-inch high-contrast colour display with touchscreen functionality and automatic day/night switch, 10 backlit hard keys and a rotary/push switch provide optimum ease of operation. Further equipment features include a camera input for real-time images from up to two cameras and ISO 11783 compatibility, along with Aux-O and Aux-N and UT1 and UT2 functions.

More volume for the CARGOS 8400
Another new feature is a platform gate extension for the CARGOS 8400 dual-purpose wagon. This boosts the DIN loading volume by 2.5 m3 to 38 m3. Thanks to proven features of the CARGOS model series, such as the CLAAS double-bladed knife with its legendary durability and the significantly lowered hydraulic scraper floor, this means that CLAAS is now able to impress in this segment with a vehicle that is both very compact and extremely productive, whether for farms operating their own equipment or for contractors.

Another positive steering alternative in the CARGOS 700 model series
For forage transport wagons in the CARGOS 700 model series, along with the existing passive steering and electronically controlled hydraulic positive steering systems, CLAAS now also offers a mechanically controlled hydraulic positive steering system. This means it will now be possible for positive steering to also be fitted on CARGOS 700 machines with the TREND equipment configuration, whereas this was previously restricted solely to BUSINESS configuration machines.

The mechanical hydraulic positive steering system operates according to the displacement principle, with either one (tandem) or two master cylinders (tridem) on the drawbar, and a hydraulic unit with a high-volume pressure accumulator as overload protection. The master cylinders are attached on the tractor side on Scharmüller K50 ball hitches, and each is protected with a robust bolted-on guard plate. There are also pivoting supports for the master cylinders. The steered axles are the last axle in a tandem chassis, and the first and last axles in a tridem chassis. When the machine is in operation the positive steering function is taken over by the tractor, with no permanent connection required. In addition, the system operates without any electronics. Mechanical operation of the hydraulic system allows optimum soil protection during reversing manoeuvres, and provides excellent trailing alignment on both level and sloping terrain.

Operation of the positive steering system requires a tractor hitch according to ISO 26402.



Swedish Agro Machinery
Swedish Agro Machinery  grundades 2016 och är ett svenskt företag fokuserat på representation och import av CLAAS lantbruksmaskiner i Sverige. Företaget är också generalagent för SAMSON, HORSCH, AVR, SPEARHEAD, SCANSTONE och återförsäljare av LEMKEN. Swedish Agro Machinery är ett dotterbolag till Danish Agro-koncernen som består av en rad företag inom lantbruksbranschen i Danmark och andra länder. Östra Sönnarslöv Traktorservice är ett dotterbolag till Swedish Agro Machinery.


Marcus Jönsson

Marcus Jönsson

produktchef CLAAS vallmaskiner, pressar, hjullastare och traktorer 072-748 70 98

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