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HORSCH presents new TurboDisc coulter and innovative features for the seed drill Pronto DC

The new TurboDisc 3 double disc coulter combines all the findings and experiences of the previous generations. It achieves a perfect seed placement for the most different requirements and soils. During the development stage the main focus was on precision and stability. An almost invisible component was especially optimised: the inside scraper. In total, the operational reliability in extreme conditions was further improved.

The new HORSCH PowerDisc parallelogram coulter is ideal for difficult conditions and even in a coarse seedbed guarantees a safe seed placement. The double disc coulter is equipped with very large bearings and due to its design it is extremely stable and durable. The experiences from the Maestro single grain seed drills were included. Similar to the well-proven TurboDisc coulter, when used in the Pronto, two seed coulters run behind one tyre of the packer.

The SectionControl distributor tower RowControl with single row shut-off is now also available for the universal seed drills of the Pronto or the Express line. Thus, overlaps and seeding windows are a thing of the past. Seed, fertiliser and micro-granular compound can be saved. Strips can be sown precisely without having to put up with overlaps and the resulting population density. Tramlines can be switched in every row and, therefore, the track spacing and the track width can be realised in every combination.

Due to its sophisticated seed and air management the HORSCH RowControl distribution tower can shut off individual rows without affecting the cross distribution of the machine. In practice, it might make sense to combine individual rows to small groups.

With the I-Manager HORSCH gradually introduces a new ISOBUS operational concept for software and hardware. Based on the good experiences gathered with the Leeb LT this intuitive handling concept has now been optimised and extended for the seed drill sector. The system that has been developed by HORSCH has a lot of new and innovative functions that will facilitate the adjustment, handling and monitoring of the machines. The farmer, thus, can configure the display on the terminal interface according to his requirements. The objective of the new I-Manager hardware and software is to create a platform which can handle the metering of an almost unlimited number of sections and components.

The objective of this development is to include a fully diagnoseable system in all sectors of seeding technology in the future.


Swedish Agro Machinery
Swedish Agro Machinery  grundades 2016 och är ett svenskt företag fokuserat på representation och import av CLAAS lantbruksmaskiner i Sverige. Företaget är också generalagent för SAMSON, HORSCH, AVR, SPEARHEAD, SCANSTONE och återförsäljare av LEMKEN. Swedish Agro Machinery är ett dotterbolag till Danish Agro-koncernen som består av en rad företag inom lantbruksbranschen i Danmark och andra länder. Östra Sönnarslöv Traktorservice är ett dotterbolag till Swedish Agro Machinery.


Daniel Andersson

Daniel Andersson

produktchef HORSCH 076-136 06 00

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