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CLAAS CTIC and CTIC 2800 tyre inflation systems  with new features

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CLAAS CTIC and CTIC 2800 tyre inflation systems with new features

CLAAS has revised its CTIC and CTIC 2800 tyre inflation systems for product year 2021. These are now also available ex works for the AXION 900 and can be retrofitted on ARION 500 and ARION 600 as well as AXION 800 and AXION 900 tractors. Operation is now possible via ISOBUS terminals and thus also via the integrated CEBIS touch terminal.

Operation and display is via the CEBIS touch terminal or ISOBUS universal terminals such as the CLAAS S10 or the new CLAAS CEMIS 700. If programmed accordingly, it is possible to switch between field or meadow and road at the touch of a button on the function keys in the operating armrest or on the CMOTION control lever. For trailed implements such as trailed field sprayers and for trailers, there is now an integrated regulation of the internal tyre pressure which uniformly controls all axles and wheels.

Large tractors of the AXION 800 and AXION 900 series with CEMOS can integrate the CTIC control directly into the CEMOS machine optimisation. This makes it possible for the first time to achieve intelligent dynamic internal tyre pressure adjustment in interaction with other parameters such as ballast and by taking into account data recorded by sensors on the tractor. This reduces wheel slip, harmful effects on the ground and diesel consumption and increases area performance. The optimisation is always implemented in accord with the driver.

The pressure control has been fundamentally optimised once again. What remains is the unrivalled high delivery rate of the CTIC systems with up to 2,800 l/min air flow rate in the most powerful model CTIC 2800. For tyres (600/70 R28 & 710/70 R38), a time of just 1 minute and 20 seconds is required to build up pressure from 0.8 to 1.8 bar. The seals of the rotary unions and the lines are still only loaded during pressure changes. A priority control for trailers is also stored and several attachment profiles can be stored.

Extended applicability
The CTIC 2800 concept, i.e. the direct mounting of a powerful compressor on the tractor, now offers an even wider field of application. Several of the farm's attachments can be cost-effectively integrated into the control of the internal tyre pressures. All that is needed is to equip the attachments with lines.

CTIC tyre inflation systems are now also available ex works for the AXION 900 Stage V series of large tractors. In addition, the new generation CTIC and CTIC 2800 can be retrofitted to standard tractors of the ARION 500, ARION 600, AXION 800 and AXION 900 series regardless of the year of manufacture.

Under 3m external width
The new generation CTIC remains compliant with the German road traffic licensing regulations (STVZO) thanks to optimised plug-in couplings on the rotary unions. TÜV approval or special homologation of the tractor is not necessary. The piping can be easily telescoped using quick release clamps and locked in place by means of a parking position on the mudguards.



Swedish Agro Machinery
Swedish Agro Machinery  grundades 2016 och är ett svenskt företag fokuserat på representation och import av CLAAS lantbruksmaskiner i Sverige. Företaget är också generalagent för SAMSON, HORSCH, AVR, SPEARHEAD, SCANSTONE och återförsäljare av LEMKEN. Swedish Agro Machinery är ett dotterbolag till Danish Agro-koncernen som består av en rad företag inom lantbruksbranschen i Danmark och andra länder. Östra Sönnarslöv Traktorservice är ett dotterbolag till Swedish Agro Machinery.


Hasse Ripa

Hasse Ripa

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